All the resources you will need as a District Administrator are contained on this page.

District Guidelines

Involving district-level leaders in T-TESS implementation ensures that T-TESS becomes a process for education innovation. Successful implementation hinges on collaboration within and among departments and a deepened commitment to growth-centered supervision of instruction and capacity building throughout the organization. Here are resources for districts to use in the implementation of T-TESS.

District Reports

District Administrators can run reports on the certification status of Appraisers/ Observers within the district.

Evaluation Management

The Evaluation Management system allows districts and campuses to record and save observation and rubric ratings for teachers, generate observation and summary ratings reports, and analyze campus and district data to support next steps in using T-TESS as an educator development tool. Input data, ratings, and areas for reinforcement and refinement for any formal observation or informal observation/walkthrough tied to the T-TESS rubric.

Additional Resources

Explore these resources to assist District Administrators with the implementation of T-TESS.